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The road to building influence is

Finding Your Voice

"I will help you turn fear of uncertainty into a belief that you can influence and impact the future rather than just being swept along by it."

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Who I Help
About Me
I Coach, Mentor and Guide entrepreneurs, leaders in organisations, artists and those with big followings who want to amplify their voice and build influence to elevate the positive difference they make in the world.
I help build profound and authentic leadership brands that gets traction for those who want to be thought leaders in their field, and those who want to grow their audience.
If you want to find your voice and purpose, have a better work-life balance and be financially, socially and emotionally rewarded for what you do, then I would love to hear from you.
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My Services

Tailored to each person's need and affordability, the support ranges from self paced online courses and group workshops to one on one mentoring and coaching. Find out more details below, or just book a free call to work out how I can best help you.

Blog & Podcast

I publish regular podcasts and articles to help stimulate curiosity and reflection. The purpose is not to teach or preach, but to encourage you to look through different lenses with an open mind. There are many perspectives, none are right or wrong, we just make them so.
“My coaching with Marie has been transformational, it has made me more clear and focused in who I am rather than just what I do… I am so grateful for how she was able to open up my thinking to new concepts and ideas; my world and experiences are so much richer for it…” 

Susie Willis, CEO Healthcare

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