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Online Courses

Do you feel that you want to have more influence, impact and a better balance in your personal and professional life, but not quite sure where to start? You might put it off to another day but that day never arrives?


These affordable online course might just be a good starter for you. They are packed with useful information and hands-on self paced learning to help you get more clarity and start your journey. 

Find Your Voice

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This course will help you create your unique personal brand from your skills, knowledge, experience, values and sense of purpose. It will also show you how to bring your voice to your audience and build a thought leadership that has influence and impact.

Financial Confidence

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If finance is holding you back from having the influence and impact you want in your career, then this course is for you. It demystifies the financial language and covers the essence to help you ask better questions, build confidence and have more impact.

Bring Your Voice to the Boardroom

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For aspiring Non-Executive Directors who want to get into the boardroom. You will learn about: 

  • What steps you need to take

  • Requirements and duties

  • Creating a profile that gets traction

  • How to land your first role

Mandala Painting

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If you are going through an intense period of growth but unsure what to do next, or that a lack of direction is holding you back. Then painting a Mandala is a wonderful way to activate your inner wisdom, and accessing your voice. 

"Brilliant course! Really good practical content and love learning at my own speed, but also knowing that there is support along the way is super. I’d recommend it to anyone who would like to build a NED portfolio."  

Helen Hunter, UK

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