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About Me

I Help You Build Influence by Uncovering Your Purpose, Voice and Story

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"I am hugely passionate to be part of shaping a sustainable future for generations to come and for the survival of humanity. I believe it is only by bringing more wise influential voices into the world to help build bridges that we will be able to solve the complex challenges we are faced with. We all have a role to play, let's together find yours."

That is why I coach and mentor leaders, artists and individuals who want to find their voice and build influence, so they can elevate the positive impact they make in society. I help build profound and authentic leadership brands that gets traction for those who want to be thought leaders in their field and significantly grow their audience.


My background is unconventional and started in finance with PwC and then as an entrepreneur with a successful exit, which led me into coaching disruptive tech founders in how to take an idea to market. This has naturally brought me to coach and mentor individuals who want to make a difference in how to find their own unique voice, or personal brand, and then how to tell their story.


With a unique style and approach I work from the inside out, bringing in traditional coaching methods but also therapeutic and spiritual practices, like painting your own Personal Mandala. 


Apart from coaching, I have board advisory roles with a handful of organisations, train non-financial leaders in finance, write articles for publications and organisations on wisdom, and collaborate on projects that make the world a better place.


Wellbeing and fulfilment comes from having a sense of purpose and feeling valued. Aligning your true values and beliefs with your purpose and what you are good at is the journey I will take you through. I help you build a belief that you can influence and impact the future rather than just being swept along by it.


It is for each and everyone of us to wake up to the challenges that we are facing to change the course of events and to shape our future. We all have a role to play, let's together find yours!

Organisations I Work With

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OnPurpose develops leaders that want to make a career change and work for organisations that are making a positive difference. 

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A music entertainment business providing music to venues, corporates and other events, and empowering musicians by putting them in the centre.

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The Non-Executive Directors' Association is an organisation supporting members throughout their boardroom career with courses, coaching, workshops, events etc.

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Executive Coaching company for C-suit executives and senior leaders who want to share their experience by building a career portfolio and/or leave a legacy. 

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A charitable foundation that is readdressing gender inequality within the music industry. The goal is to advance women in music so that they are seen, heard and for us to enjoy. 

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Accelerator and Incubator supporting tech female founders who have big ambitions to make an impact and are looking for funding.

“Marie has provided me invaluable support through her coaching skills. She has guided my thought process through emphatic listening, wise questioning, and creative suggestions. She has also provided me focus and clarity through a disciplined “next steps” follow up. I thoroughly enjoy her coaching sessions.” 

Daniel Fogga, CFO Portfolio

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