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Coaching & Mentoring

I will help elevate your perspective so that you can see what it is that makes you unique and how you can then build significant influence around your brand. The coaching can be a short term intervention or a longer term transformational program. To understand your specific needs just book a free discovery call, I would love to hear from you!

Style and Approach

Build influence and impact for good

Tailored Style and Approach

The coaching broadly follows the four steps, but is completely tailored to each persons journey of self-discovery to help finding your unique voice.  With an unconventional style and approach I work from the inside out, bringing in traditional coaching methods but also therapeutic and spiritual practices.

The ongoing support I cover are business, career and personal and it is entirely up to you how that mix is made up, and of course, everything covered is confidential. 

Build Influence and Impact

I will take you on a journey to uncover your voice and passions and then help you develop an ability to communicate your leadership brand with clarity and authenticity. We will work on how to articulate your thoughts, ideas and beliefs with confidence so that you can achieve maximum impact, whether it is in your personal or professional life. I will guide you to leverage and build a thought leadership brand that gets traction so that you can build influence and impact for good in an authentic and sustainable way.

Transformation and Commitment

This is a transformational coaching experience where you will be able to start influencing and effect changes beyond what you thought you were ever capable of.

I only work with a handful of clients at a time on a one to one basis where I give 100% commitment and expect you to do the same. The support also includes things coming up in between sessions that you would like to discuss. You may also have access to my wide network of contacts if I think it is relevant and appropriate.


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Bring all your history of experience, knowledge, values, beliefs, passion and more to the table.



Explore a wide range of opportunities in the world. Evaluate and align with what you have discovered about yourself.


Step 3: LAUNCH

Create a story around your uniqueness and start building your personal brand and voice. 


Step 4: EVOLVE

Finetune your voice and build your authentic and influential thought leadership brand.

“My coaching with Marie has been transformational, it has made me more clear and focused in who I am rather than just what I do… I am so grateful for how she was able to open up my thinking to new concepts and ideas; my world and experiences are so much richer for it…” 

Susie Willis, CEO Healthcare

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