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Mandala Painting

Are you going through a phase of intense personal growth and experiencing a profound re-balancing process? Maybe you are unable to focus or undecided what to do next?

Do you find that a limiting self belief or lack of a sense of purpose is holding you back?

If you would like to get a better understanding of what makes you unique, what your purpose is

and how you can elevate your influence and impact in the world,

then painting a Healing Mandala can be very helpful.

Mandala 8.jpg

What is a Mandala?

Mandala is Sanskrit for ‘magical circle’ and is a geometrical design and a spiritual symbol in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. It is used for meditation and prayers and is a visual representation of the universe itself, or our inner universe - the wholeness of Self.


There are 3 main types of Mandalas.


Healing Mandala

Painting a healing Mandala is a transformative practice that is intended to restore inner calm and wisdom as we continue around the cycle of personal growth.

It gives you an ability to create ‘order’ within your inner world and prevents you from feeling lost and overwhelmed. The mandala allows you to find your own centre where your inner wisdom lies. By letting go of judging thoughts it helps you connect with your personal identity and uniqueness - the very essence of who you are and what you are here to do. 


A mandala can be your own personal myth, the all important story that expresses your own real being. So by painting your mandala you are the artist of your life! 

Pic - sunflower1_edited_edited.jpg

Wholeness and Wisdom

It was the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung who brought the healing concept of the mandala to the West and associated them with psychological and spiritual health. He believed that ‘until we make our unconscious conscious, it will direct our lives and we will call it fate..’. 


The Mandala painting process gets you into a meditative state and offers a safe space to access your deeper knowing and wisdom by integrating your conscious and unconscious. It is in this open state that you sow seeds of intention deeply into your unconscious. They begin to grow and weave through the layers of your wholeness and eventually manifests in the outer world through our deeds and thoughts.


Mandala Session

The intention of the session is to bring yourself into the present moment through your painting, allowing it to guide you into the meditative state. By being in the now you will slowly let go of limiting beliefs of not being good enough - such as ‘I can’t paint’, ‘I am useless at being creative and not artistic’.


Eventually you will get lost in colours flowing into each other and with many layers blending on the canvas. The ego will slowly release its grip and the judging voice will fade away. It will activate the ‘knowing’ within you, that the art that is your life also has infinite ways to layer and blend your experiences and desires into the masterpiece only you can create. You will feel a sense of freedom and start healing your mind from limitations and instead see possibilities.

Mandalapainters Gallery

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